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Hello, and welcome!

I thought I'd introduced myself! I'm a South African girl living on a tiny island in the English Channel. I'm a wife to one gorgeous guy, and mom to 3 beautiful kids. Things can get a little crazy (and messy) over at our house, but I love that there is never a shortage of life!

I am a qualified social worker (I like to help people), and makeup artist (I like to beautify people!) I love all things skincare and beauty, and I like to bring it all back down to earth so that women can feel confident and empowered to make the most of their money and products.

I specialise in bridal makeup, and honestly love every minute of the process. I feel immensely privileged to be part of a bride's big day. I was inspired to study makeup artistry just because of the beautiful lady who did my makeup on my wedding day, and they way she made me look and feel!

So why a blog? I want to share my knowledge, tips and tricks for the (busy) everyday woman like myself, as well as info I think a bride would find helpful when planning her wedding day.

I hope you find yourself inspired and encouraged!

Much love,

Lauren x

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