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Skincare 101

As the saying goes, "your makeup is only as good as your skin," and I couldn't agree more! Although makeup can definitely help in some ways, it isn't magical, and having good skin certainly takes the cake. Now, I'm not talking about perfect skin, because what is that anyway, and does it even exist? I don't think so. I'm taking about skin that's healthy. Healthy skin still has pores. Healthy skin still gets blemishes and pigmentation. It can be oily, or dry, or both... but that doesn't mean there's something wrong with it! Healthy skin is cared for, and it shows. So if you need help caring for your skin better, here is a little guide for basic morning and evening skincare routines.


1. Start with a gentle cleanse

2. Spritz or wipe a toner over skin

3. Pat in your serum (I would suggest doing this at least once a day)

4. Moisturise

5. Gently pat eye cream on the under eye area using your ring finger

6. SPF - I cannot stress this enough. Raining outside? Put on your SPF.


1. Start with a cleansing balm (designed to remove makeup, SPF and dirt) and wipe off with a flannel/face cloth

2. Cleanse with your normal cleanse (step 1 and 2 together are called double cleansing)

3. Use your toner

4. Pat in your serum

5. Moisturise (this should not have any SPF in it)

6. Eye cream

Some of what's currently in my bag:

1. Clinique: Take the day off

2. Dermalogica: Ultra calming cleanser

3. Pixi: Glow Tonic

4. Kiehls: Powerful wrinkle reducing eye cream

5. Avene: B-protect SPF 50

6. Dermalogica: Skin smoothing cream

7. Ren: Radiance perfecting serum

(These won't work for everyone's skin, but its an illustration of what's in my routine currently and works for me!)

I hope this encourages you to get going on a better skincare routine! Just remember that consistency is key!

Lauren xx

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